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Master's Thesis

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Health and Sport Sciences

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Exercise Physiology, MS

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Gerald Zavorsky

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Carter, Kathy

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Weiss, Edward

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Folz, Rodney


Protandim; Oxidative stress; Athletes--Drug use


A double-blind placebo-controlled trial determined the long term effects of Protandim® supplementation on 5-km running performance, as well as on acute and long-term oxidative damage assessed by serum lipid peroxides (Thiobarbituric acid-reacting substances: TBARS). Thirty-eight subjects were placed into one of two groups: an experimental (675 mg/day Protandim®) or control group (675 mg/day corn starch). 5-km runs were performed at baseline and 88 (SD 4) days post-supplementation with samples taken immediately pre- and 10-min post 5-km run, as well as at rest ∼30 and ∼60 days during the supplementation period. There was ~25% week-to-week coefficient of variation of TBARS at baseline (rested, fasted). The runs did not acutely increase mean TBARS, nor was there a change in 5-km time or in mean serum TBARS (at rest, fasted) in either group after supplementation. In conclusion, it is unlikely that Protandim® improves 5-km performance, or that it reduces serum TBARS at rest.