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Doctoral Paper

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Kimberly Meyer

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Elizabeth Burkardt

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central line associated blood stream infection, bundle, CLABSI, ICU


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to update the current policy of CLB maintenance of CVCs by incorporating the latest recommendations from the literature, providing education and disseminating the new policy. Outcomes were measured by evaluating the effect on policy adherence and incidence of CLABSIs in a medical intensive care unit (MICU). Policy adherence was defined by the completion of CLB maintenance components.

Methods: This study included a pre- and post-interventional design utilizing a retrospective chart review to evaluate adherence to CLB maintenance interventions and incidence of CLABSI rates pre and post-implementation of a new CLB maintenance policy that included a brief educational intervention.

Results: 26 MICU nurses participated in the educational intervention. The mean bundle adherence score of the pre-intervention was 83.1 and the mean bundle adherence score of the post-intervention was 97.45, indicating an increase in bundle adherence (p = <.001). No CLABSIs were reported during the project period.

Conclusion: An updated evidence-based CLB maintenance policy with educational intervention increases adherence to CLB maintenance interventions among nurses. There was a statistically significant increase in adherence to CLB interventions after the new CLB maintenance policy was published with educational intervention (p = <.001). No CLABSIs were reported during the project’s time frame. Future research could be performed by a retrospective analysis for a longer duration of time to evaluate the incidence of CLABSIs that may show a relationship between adherence and CLABSIs.

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