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Doctoral Paper

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Sharon Barton

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Vicki Hines-Martin

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Safe sleep, preterm infant, NICU sleep, survey


Sleep related infant deaths continue to be an issue in Kentucky with 95% of deaths having at least one sleep related risk factor identified. Evidence from the literature suggests safe sleep practice in the neonatal intensive care unit is inconsistent and nurses may face many barriers when implementing safe sleep. The purpose of this project was to determine current nursing knowledge and practice of safe sleep, as well as how parent education occurs in a local NICU through the use of a survey. The survey was developed and distributed to staff at University of Louisville Hospital NICU nurses to determine their current knowledge, practice, and any perceived barriers to safe sleep practice. Nurses working a minimum of six months prior to the survey period were eligible to participate in the survey, and adjunct staff members such as respiratory, physical, and occupational therapy were excluded. Survey participants were recruited with the use of posters within the unit as well an incentive gift card raffle upon completion of the survey. Survey results were analyzed using SurveyMonkey™ and Microsoft Excel™ to determine frequencies and means of nurses practicing safe sleep as described by the AAP. Survey results were limited by the low sample size and low participation rate, however, the results indicated nurses face barriers with implementing safe sleep and practice and education of caregivers begins as the infant nears discharge.

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