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Master's Thesis

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McLeod, John Edmond

Author's Keywords

Cilicia Armenia; Mongol; Ilkhanate; Armenia; Mamluk; Egypt


Cilicia--History--Armenian Kingdom; 1080-1375; Mongols--History--To 1500; Mamelukes--History--To 1500; Christianity and other religions--Islam; Islam--Relations--Christianity


This work seeks to fill a gap in the academic literature concerning the study of the Ilkhanid Mongols of the Middle East during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries CE using Armenian, Persian, Arabic, and Syriac primary sources in English translation. This study will analyze the triangular relationship among the Ilkhanid Mongols, the Kingdom of Cilician Armenia and Greater Armenia, and the Egyptian Mamluks to discern the Ilkhanate's impact in the Middle East. Although the Armenians became subjects of the Mongols, they did not gain many benefits from this partnership. In fact, their relationship proved to be overwhelmingly negative. Although the Mamluks were adversaries of the Mongols, they ultimately benefited greatly from their adversarial stance by establishing and legitimizing the rule of the martial mamluk caste. This thesis seeks to show the importance of studying this triangular relationship and its impact on the medieval Middle East.