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Master's Thesis

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Mallalieu, William C.


Guthrie, James, 1792-1869; Kentucky--Officials and employees; Kentucky--Politics and government--19th century


James Guthrie, like any man, may be considered as a private individual, as a participant in the economic activities of his time, and as a citizen. Of Guthrie’s personal life little is known besides the barest biographical outline. His business career was fairly successful in reaping monetary rewards from his "lucrative law practice," his real estate transactions, and his participation in various corporate activities. This thesis is primarily concerned with Guthrie’s public life, with his services to his fellow citizens as city councilor, state legislator, state constitution reviser, Secretary of Treasury, United States Senator, and as a leader of the Democratic party in state and nation. Guthrie’s public career was not purely political in character, however. He was especially interested in promoting economic progress by means of improved transportation. His interest in cultural advance was evidenced by his active and intelligent support and direction of educational institutions in Louisville. We shall therefore attempt to explain and evaluate his chief contributions to progress in the fields of transporation and education.