Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

M. Eng.


Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair

Alexander, Suraj Mammen


Dairy farming--Automation


A decision support system (DSS) is a computer-based tool that extends an operator's cognitive abilities and makes him more effective in decision-making situations. This thesis discusses the characteristics and historical applications of decision support systems. It also discusses the contexts, operator requirements, and policies surrounding a SS for dairy security; in this instance security includes both the physical security of the product and the integrity of the data concerning the product. Finally, this thesis discusses the methodology and resulting design of the DSS for dairy security. Specific tools and considerations involved in the design include the human centered design cycle (ISO 13407, 1999) and affordances of multiple types (Hartson, 2003). In addition to improving operator effectiveness, the Dairy Security DSS increases operator efficiency by reducing or elimination operator wait time due to the agitation process.