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Master's Thesis

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Mackey, Thomas C., 1956-

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Social sciences




This thesis is a historical examination of the relationship between the railroad industry and state government in Kentucky during the nineteenth century. The thesis begins with an examination of the legal culture of the early nineteenth century and its relation to railroads. The thesis then shifts into an examination of the various political and social forces that led to regulation of railroads by 1900. The thesis is divided into five chapters. Chapter One covers the historiographical issues surrounding American railroad history, and introduces the reader to the topic. Chapter Two discusses early interactions between railroads and public policy in Kentucky, from 1829 to 1859. Chapter Three covers Louisville's fight against Cincinnati for southern trade supremacy in the years following the Civil War. Chapter Four explores the growing anti-railroad sentiment in Kentucky politics. Chapter Five concludes the thesis with a discussion of the interaction between railroads and public policy in the years following 1900.