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Master's Thesis

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History, MA

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Weissbach, Lee Shai

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Riom trial; France; Vichy; Leon Blum; Philippe Petain; Edouard Daladier


Riom Trial, Riom, France, 1942; France--Politics and government--1940-1945; Petain, Philippe, 1856-1951


This thesis presents a history of the Riom Trial beginning with the French defeat in June 1940 and the foundations of the National Revolution, continuing with the initiation of the trial and its proceedings, and ending with a historiographic survey of the trial's studies. The trial began in February 1942 and continued through twenty-four sessions until it was suspended in April 1942. Marshal Philippe Pétain instigated the trial in an attempt to legitimize the Vichy government and the National Revolution by trying six leading members of the last few Third Republic governments for their responsibility in not preparing France adequately for war: Edouard Daladier, Léon Blum, General Maurice Gamelin, Robert Jacomet, Pierre Cot, and Guy La Chambre. The trial ended in suspension due to the defendants' efforts, which turned the accusation against Pétain, and Germany's displeasure with the decision to focus on the defeat and not to proclaim France guilty for declaring war.

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