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Master's Thesis

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Aldikacti Marshall, Gul M.

Author's Keywords

Fanfiction; Slash fandom; Slash fiction; Queer theory; Slash; Reception theory


Homosexuality and literature; Fans (Persons)


The slash fandom is comprised of a group of people who enjoy reading/writing/watching homoerotic interactions between popular heterosexual media characters. Past studies have determined that the fandom is made up of mainly white, heterosexual women. Some theories posited as to why slash is created by the fandom are that it is a remedy to the canon material lacking female role models, a form of empowerment by manipulating egalitarian M/M relationships, an expression of physical and/or mental desire, and a form of social activism. This study surveyed members of slash communities on Facebook in order to collect basic demographic information on this population and to ascertain why these people enjoy slash. Many of the results of this survey agreed with past findings, though the results did indicate that there is some diversity in sexuality and gender identification, and other new demographic data was contributed to the field.