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Louisville (Ky.)--History; Louisville (Ky.)--Politics and government; Municipal government--Kentucky--Louisville


Most historical writings on the subject of Louisville have treated its social, political, and economic development, but few have even touched on its municipal government. The purpose of this study is to record the history of the governmental structure of the city of Louisville from 1780 until 1870. It is concerned primarily with the type of government, the sources and extent of its power, and its legislative history. The details of municipal functions and administration are outside the scope of this writing except as they relate, generally or specifically, to the development of the general framework of the city government for the sake of convenience, this history has been divided into periods according to the type of government and charter in operation. In each period emphasis is placed upon the relationships existing between the voters and the city council, between the city council and the mayor, and between the state legislature and the council. Most of the history has been written from manuscript records, statutes, and other documents. As far as available, newspapers of each period have also been consulted.

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