Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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M. Eng.


Chemical Engineering




This thesis is divided into three parts: I. The Surface Impregnation of Wood; II. Use Characteristics of Impregnated wood; and III. Investigations of Resin Adhesives. The material presented in Part I is a continuation of previous experimentation that had established general methods for producing a hardened surface wood product. The methods involved parting of the wood fibers on the surface by a special serrating tool, followed by a surface impregnation and final curing. This section presents work carried on to determine the optimum conditions for serrating and subsequent impregnation. The effect of species on impregnation. and the impregnation of unfinished lumber were also investigated. In Part II are presented the results of investigations of the commercially important properties of the surface impregnated wood products. These include surface hardness. sanding, moisture resistance, and gluing characteristics. Techniques for veneering this product are also given. The investigations of resin adhesives described in Part III were of two types: (1) the effect of various conditions of precure and final cure upon the strength and bond characteristics obtained with wood; and (2) the degree of cure as indicated by per cent extractables. The former study was carried out to determine whether or not the temperature and time of precure are critical in their effect upon adhesive bonds. and also to find whether pressure is necessary for the final cure. The latter was made to obtain recommendations for curing conditions now used in commercial production.