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Master's Thesis

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History, MA

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Harrison, Benjamin

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Tyler, Bruce

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Theriot, Nancy


Women civil rights workers--Mississippi--History; Suffrage--Mississippi--History


This thesis examines the contributions made by women in the fight for voting equality in Mississippi in the early 1960s. The covered period began with the immediate reaction to the Brown Vs Board of Education decision and culminates with the Mississippi Freedom Democrat Party’s challenge to be seated in place of the regular (and proactively segregated) Mississippi delegation to the 1964 Democratic National Convention. The focus of primary concern of this thesis is the grassroots tactics utilized primarily by women, in contrast to the more visceral marches and civil disobedience espoused by male leaders, and how these differing tactics affected media coverage of the Civil Rights movement as a whole. Conclusions are made based upon personal interviews, letters, and especially newspaper articles and print media coverage of relevant events.

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