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Master's Thesis

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Pharmacology and Toxicology

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Pharmacology and Toxicology, MS

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Siskind, Leah

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Schnellmann, Rick

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Schnellmann, Rick

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Beverly, Levi

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States, J. Christopher

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Arteel, Gavin


Suramin; Cisplatin; Kidneys--Wounds and injuries


In rodent models, suramin improves recovery following acute kidney injury (AKI). We hypothesized that suramin would be useful in protection against cisplatin-induced AKI. This hypothesis was tested by pre-treating C57BL/6j mice with suramin prior to cisplatin. Our data indicates that suramin protects the kidney from injury by decreasing cisplatininduced decreases in kidney function. Renal histology indicated that suramin significantly protected from cisplatin-induced AKI. Data indicate that suramin pretreatment attenuated mRNA expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines following cisplatin treatment, while also decreasing markers of cell stress and cell death. We utilized the same experimental design with 10-month old FVB mice expressing mutant Kras driven lung adenocarcinomas. Assessment of lung histology and kidney function indicated that suramin protected mice from cisplatin-induced AKI and did not inhibit cisplatin’s anti-tumor efficacy. These results suggest that suramin shows great potential as a renoprotective agent for the treatment/ prevention of cisplatininduced AKI.