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Master's Thesis

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M. Eng.


Chemical Engineering

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Williams, G. C.

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Barnes, W. R.

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Barnes, W. R.

Committee Member

Ernst, R. C.


The relative volatillities of five branch-chained esters with respect to ethyl alcohol in mixtures of ethyl alcohol and water containing small amounts of esters were determined experimentally. The results could be used in the design of distillation columns for ethyl alcohol purification.

For alcohol concentrations of more than 50 mol per cent, the increase of relative volatility of the esters was inversely proportional to the alcohol concentration. For dilute concentrations of less than 30 mol per cent the increase in volatility was very rapid, and the rates of increase were different for different esters. No simple quantitative correlation was established between the changes of relative volatility of ester and the concentration of ethyl alcohol.