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Master's Thesis

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Pan-African Studies

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Pan-African Studies, MA

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Douglas, Robert L.

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Hudson, Blaine

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Hudson, Blaine

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Jones, Ricky

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Burton, Nefertiti


Racism--Religious aspects


This critical inquiry into the social constructions of "black" and "white" identities analyzes the roles of the three "western" monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) in the cognitive and sociohistorical developments of racial slavery and antiblack racism. Specifically, it investigates the sociohistorical consequences of the inherent dualisms of the "western" monotheisms and how those dualisms are expressed in the production of social theories and systems that rely on believer/non-believer oppositions and binaries defined by a Manichaean view of the universe and a teleological conception of history that fosters and sustains an eternal holy war against infidels. What emerges from this analysis in the end is a reconnection of Islam with Judeo-Christianity, resulting in the (re)formulation of a Judeo-Christian-Islamic complex as a specific instrumentality in the formation of "white" and "black" identities and the creation and preservation of white supremacy.