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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

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Biostatistics, PhD

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Datta, Somnath

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Datta, Susmita

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Datta, Susmita

Committee Member

Kulasekera, K.B

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Mitra, Riten

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Gill, Ryan

Author's Keywords

rank-test; pseudo-value; jackknife; survival


This dissertation is composed of research projects that involve methods which can be broadly classified as either nonparametric or semiparametric. Chapter 1 provides an introduction of the problems addressed in these projects, a brief review of the related works that have done so far, and an outline of the methods developed in this dissertation. Chapter 2 describes in details the first project which aims at developing a rank-sum test for clustered data where an outcome from group in a cluster is associated with the number of observations belonging to that group in that cluster. Chapter 3 proposes the use of pseudo-value regression (Andersen, Klein, and Rosthøj, 2003) in combination with penalized and latent factor regression techniques for prediction of future state occupation in a multistate model based on high dimensional baseline covariates. Chapter 4 describes the development of an R package involving various rank based tests for clustered data which are useful in situations where the number of outcomes in a cluster or in a particular group within a cluster is informative. Chapter 5 explains the fouth project which aims at developing a covariate-adjusted rank-sum test for clustered data through alingned rank transformation.

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