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Master's Thesis

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Physics and Astronomy

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Physics, MS

Committee Chair

Brown, David

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Davis, Christopher

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Davis, Christopher

Committee Member

Wildstrom, Jacob

Committee Member

Smadici, Serban

Author's Keywords

particle physics; experimental particle physics; high energy physics; experimental high energy physics; backgrounds; Mu2e


This thesis will introduce radiative pion capture (RPC), a process which can produce a fake signal in a search for the coherent conversion of a muon to an electron in the presence of a nucleus. There will be a brief introduction to standard model (SM) physics, as well as some more in-depth discussion of the relevant high energy physics at the Mu2e experiment. We will discuss charged lepton flavor violation (CLFV), as well as Supersymmetry, which predicts CLFV at higher intensities than the SM prediction. A description of the RPC process follows, including the external and internal conversions in pion captures, and these processes' contributions to background at Mu2e. We will conclude with an estimate of the background contributions as obtained with analysis of Monte Carlo simulations.