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Master's Thesis

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McLeod, John Edmond


Suez Canal (Egypt)--History; Egypt--History--Intervention; 1956


This thesis is examines the imperial attachment to the Suez Canal from 1875 to 1956. It begins with the canal share purchase by the Disraeli Government and ends with the Suez Crisis. Traditional scholarship views relations between the Britain and the Suez Canal as disjointed and highlighted by sporadic significant events. This thesis aims to evaluate the history of these relations. The thesis is divided into five chapters with the imperial attachment to the canal is divided into three chronological periods. In each phase of attachment there is at least one distinct policy shift and re-evaluation of the importance of the Suez Canal. While canal importance fluctuated, the continued re-strengthening of the attachment demonstrates a continuous attachment to the canal. These findings disprove traditional view of Anglo-Suez relations being disjointed. Summarily, this thesis proved the existence of a continuous imperial attachment to the Suez Canal from 1875 to 1956.