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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Counseling and Human Development

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Counseling and Personnel Services, PhD

Committee Chair

Possel, Patrick

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Ciesla, Jeffrey

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Ciesla, Jeffrey

Committee Member

Hirschy, Amy

Committee Member

Owen, Jesse

Author's Keywords

rumination; worry; alcohol behaviors; alcohol consequences, protective strategies


Mental health and alcohol-related behaviors are constructs of concern on university campuses, as a significant portion of college students experience alcohol-related consequences. There is an established link between mental health variables, including repetitive thoughts associated with depression and anxiety, and drinking behaviors among college students. However, how preventative behaviors – protective behavioral strategies – impact the associations between repetitive thoughts and drinking behaviors and outcomes is less understood. The current longitudinal study analyzed mediational relationships among these variables in college students at a mid-sized 4-year university (N = 107; 78.5% female; average age = 21.06 years, SD = 4.41). Analyses indicated that no mediational relationships existed among the variables. Moreover, the alcohol consequences measure did not have a significant relationship with any of the other study variables. Implications and limitations are discussed.