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Master's Thesis

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History, MA

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Westerfeld, Jennifer

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Beattie, Blake

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Beattie, Blake

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Hardin, Carment

Author's Keywords

fulvia; antony; roman women; roman rhetoric; cicero; plutarch


This study presents a scholarly and popular historiography of Fulvia Flacca Bambula with criticism of the presentation and interpretation of Fulvia as a historical character in context. Source bias caused by Augustan propaganda is widely recognized within scholarly and popular treatment of Fulvia but little attention is given to the influence of rhetoric and moral philosophy on the invective and anecdotal narratives used as source evidence in discussion of Fulvia as a Roman matron. Through assessment of traditional Roman rhetorical and literary conventions employed during the late Republican and early Imperial periods with attention to the influence of elegiac constructs in particular, the motives and personal qualities of Fulvia as described by Roman and Greek authors are shown to represent fictional tropes rather than historical realities.