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Master's Thesis

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Sociology, MA

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Brooms, Derrick

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Roelfs, David

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Roelfs, David

Committee Member

Rollins, Aaron

Author's Keywords

organizational theory; integration; nonprofits; partnership; immigration; resettlement


To understand the impact of collaboration on internationals’ integration experiences, this study captures the stories of supporting organizations and Somali refugees in Louisville, KY. The study utilized in-depth interviews and participant observations to analyze the programs and services offered by three supporting organizations, the partnerships they have formed in the community, and the impact the partnerships have on the challenges immigrants and refugees face during the integration process. Non-profit organizations, tasked by the government and communities to support internationals in their integration, face limited resources and capacity, which local partnerships help alleviate. The collaboration relies on relational embeddedness and a shared mission or benefit. Findings demonstrate the necessity of a network of partnerships to meet the needs of this unique population, and the research has policy and programmatic implications for similar organizations and communities.