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Master's Thesis

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Anthropology, MA

Committee Chair

Haws, Jonathan A.

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Pereira, Telmo J. R.

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Pereira, Telmo J. R.

Committee Member

Beyin, Amanuel Y.

Author's Keywords

Lapa do Picareiro; Portuguese Estremadura; lithic technology; late magdalenian; Iberian peninsula


Lapa do Picareiro, a cave located in Portuguese Estremadura, contains continuous deposits dated to the Late Pleistocene. As one of the highest elevation Upper Paleolithic sites currently known in Portugal, questions are raised about the function of the site during this time. This thesis presents a comprehensive analysis of the lithic assemblage recovered from the Late Magdalenian layer of F/G (13,442 to 14,011 cal BP). The data generated from this study, when looked at in conjunction with the previously analyzed faunal assemblage, helps to provide a broader understanding of the site’s function during the Late Magdalenian. The analysis focuses on raw material preference and use, representation of reduction phases, and typologies present in the assemblage. These data are then compared with other contemporaneous sites in the region to see what, if any, inferences can be drawn about location and site function. This is important because this work ultimately contextualizes the observed patterns found in the lithic assemblage in the broader context of the Late Magdalenian in southern Iberia.