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Master's Thesis

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History, MA

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Vivian, Daniel

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Krebs, Daniel

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Krebs, Daniel

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Phillips, Selene

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native american; indian; ohio valley; frontier; public history; museum


This thesis aims to interpret for the public both the native and white perspectives of the conquest and colonization of the Ohio Valley frontier by Anglo-Americans in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Its focus is a planned museum exhibition, “Conquering the First American West: The Ohio Valley Frontier, 1750-1838,” which explores interactions between American Indians and Anglo-Americans on the Ohio Valley frontier and their consequences. The introduction justifies the need for the exhibition and outlines its major arguments. The second section examines the historiography of the conquest of the Ohio Valley and shows why stronger public interpretation is needed. The third section is the text and object and image lists of the planned exhibition. The fourth section contains the exhibition bibliography, including a short bibliographical essay on the secondary source material and a list of objects and images used. In the conclusion, I elaborate on the consequences of the events of the Ohio Valley frontier on the region’s indigenous communities today and the need for the American public to understand them.

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