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Master's Thesis

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Music Composition

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Music with a concentration in Music Composition, MM

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Rouse, Steven

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Ritz, John

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Ritz, John

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Speck, Frederick

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music; concerto; mallets; wind ensemble


Winds of Courage is a motivically-driven composition based on a repeating chordal pattern. Although being written out, the solo mallets parts sound somewhat improvisatory, which is a key element to the part. In a way, the concerto illustrates what it is like to have a crush on someone; where the first movement is getting up the courage to talk to them; the second movement, crying from failing to say what you need to say or not getting up the courage to talk to them, or getting rejected; and the final movement, when things work out in a positive manner, or being rejected, but finally able to move on. “Nerves of Butterflies” focuses on two different ideas that oscillate back and forth. Episodic in nature, the movement alternates between sections of pure ensemble and sections with the focus on the Marimba. The movement migrates towards a motive that is spread throughout the entire ensemble, including the soloist. “Tears of Thoughts” begins with an atmospheric quality amongst the solo Vibraphone and ensemble. The movement focuses on the repetition of a three, and sometimes four, chord progression. “Smiles of Hope” is based on the chord progression from the first movement. This movement is very similar to the first movement as this movement in motivic-based and driven. Most of the movement deals with the main motive being “bounced” around throughout the ensemble.

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