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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

Degree Program

Art (Creative) and Art History with a concentration in Art History, MA

Committee Chair

Fulton, Christopher

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Lai, Delin

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Lai, Delin

Committee Member

Bunck, Julie

Author's Keywords

mexican muralism; mosaics; art history; CU; plastic integration; UNAM


This thesis is an investigation of the mosaics developed for Ciudad Universitaria (CU) and the monumental shift in the Mexican mural movement they initiated. It is broken into four chapters each of which examine the works of one of the four major Mexican artists: David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera, Juan O’Gorman and José Chávez Morado commissioned to develop mosaics for CU in the early 1950s. It emphasizes the differences in the artists’ ideologies and experiences which led each to develop an individual understanding of plastic integration and the ways in which those ideas manifest themselves in the campus mosaics. The individual purpose of each mosaic is examined in relation to its location on campus, the purpose of the building it adorns, and the needs of the university. Each artist’s understanding of plastic integration and overall body of work is considered in relation to the building and location to which they were assigned.