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Master's Thesis

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History, MA

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Keeley, Theresa

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McLeod, John

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McLeod, John

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Buckley, David

Author's Keywords

political activism; resistance; Irish Americans


This thesis is a historical examination of a group of male Irish Americans, the Clan na Gael, that sought Ireland’s independence from Britain during the years 1912-1916. This is a chronological study of the four years leading up to the Irish rebellion known as the Easter Rising, but it is examined from the American side of the Atlantic. The Clan na Gael was not successful politically, but had outsized influence financially on the efforts to gain Ireland’s independence. Analysis of primary source material makes the compelling argument that in focusing on elite political actors, maintaining a vociferous public relations campaign, and most importantly fundraising locally and regionally, the Clan exerted outsized influence on the “Irish Question” in the years 1912-1916.