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Master's Thesis

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Mackey, Thomas C., 1956-

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Radio; Broadcasting; Louisville; Kentucky; WHAS


WHAS (Radio station : Louisville, Ky.)--History; Radio stations--Kentucky--Louisville--History; Radio broadcasting--Kentucky--Louisville--History


As the historiography on radio broadcasting continues to grow and forces examination from the macro-level to the micro-level, station histories are becoming increasingly important. The story of WHAS highlights the evolution of a nationally celebrated, innovative radio station dedicated to the service of its community. However, this thesis argues that WHAS radio's arrival as a viable commercial business distorted the initial trajectories its forefathers intended for the medium thereby diluting its nobler aspects. A technological tool with the unprecedented power and influence -- to enlighten and enhance the daily lives of millions through education, the high art of classical music and opera, exposure to politics, and instant news updates, all filtered through a sense of duty to its listeners -- saw its grand ambitions watered down by the allure of increased profits sacrificing originality and imagination for accessible, light-entertainment programming generated from a handful of single sources.