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Master's Thesis

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Geography and Geosciences

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Walker, Margath Alexya

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Hadizadeh, Jafar

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Hadizadeh, Jafar

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Fryrear, Brent


Sustainable development--Kentucky--Louisville; City planning--Environmental aspects--Kentucky--Louisville; Urban economics--Environmental aspects--Kentucky--Louisville


The East Market District located in Louisville, KY is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar urban regeneration. This transformation is being marketed as a primer sustainable neighborhood with the goal of serving as a model for other cities in the United States. As result of these changes, it is imperative to analyze the concept of sustainability from a variety of stakeholder perspectives utilizing content analysis on interviews and LEED Neighborhood Scorecard. Utilizing these methods, the central goal of this study is to understand the various interpretation of sustainability within this neighborhood. The findings observed via the critical assessment of the LEED Neighborhood Scorecard, showed that the criterion for which neighborhood sustainable development is judged is socially focused. This paralleled with the occupant’s vision of a socially-based sustainable environment, which is in conflict with that of the constructors. These disparate findings reveal issues underlying sustainable development.

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