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Master's Thesis

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Vivian, Daniel J. F.

Author's Keywords

Cemetery; Public education; History; Microhistory; Preservation; Domestic cemetery


Cemeteries--Kentucky--Louisville; Sepulchral monuments--Kentucky--Louisville


Historic cemeteries and graveyards hold the history of the people and community in which they were built. The inscriptions, iconography, and epitaphs on gravemarkers provide insight into the family, religion, social status, and culture of those interred within a specific cemetery or graveyard. They are primary resources for historical research, as some of the information on a gravemarker may not be found anywhere else. Few scholars have recognized the value of small domestic graveyards, which typically have fewer interments and tend to be more isolated in location. For these reasons, domestic graveyards are the most fragile and their preservation is vital. This thesis argues for the preservation of historic cemeteries for their role as a historic research tool as well as an educational tool. Furthermore, a case study uses the Farnsley Cemetery, a domestic cemetery in southwest Jefferson County, Kentucky, to illuminate community history.