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Master's Thesis

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Political Science

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Political Science, MA

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Gainous, Jason

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Grady, Kristopher

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Grady, Kristopher

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Menze, Michael


This study seeks to understand the relationships between democracy, ethnic-linguistic-religious (ELR) fractionalizations and state-building. The speed of a country’s economic recovery from war is used as proxy to determine the state-building process. Using Cox PH model, I conducted a large sample hazard analysis of 107 conflicts, having polity and ELR as explanatory variables. I found that competitiveness of political participation and executive constraints are associated with state-recovery while ethno-linguistic fractionalizations have the reverse effect. I propose that the institutional feedback process is equal to the product of negative executive power centralization and representation minus fractionalization; as in F = – e (r – f). Positive feedback, as a result of higher fractionalization than representation or due to high degree of centralization, leads to a dynamic equilibrium that causes state weakness in the long run.