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Master's Thesis

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Pan-African Studies

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Pan-African Studies, MA

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Rajack-Talley, Theresa

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Adams, Tomarra

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Adams, Tomarra

Committee Member

Miller, Shawnise

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Story, Kaila

Author's Keywords

intimate partner violence; LGBTQ; social work; black; African American; intersectionality


Social workers play a pivotal role in intervening in instances of intimate partner violence. It is imperative that social work intervention education is relevant, competent and inclusive. In this study, a content analysis is conducted on the true-crime documentary series, Fatal Attraction. Fatal Attraction targets Black audiences and sheds light on Black victim-survivors and perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV). The documentaries in this series act as a resource to understanding representation and treatment of Black LGBTQ. The following research questions are explored and discussed: 1. To what degree are Black LGBTQ victims and perpetrators of IPV represented in media? In what ways are Black LGBTQ IPV experiences portrayed on television that may affect how those who interact with them; 2. In what way(s) can interventionists and key personnel adequately intervene in incidences of intimate partner violence; 3. What does it mean to competently intervene in incidences of IPV? It was concluded that an intersectional framework is necessary for social work intervention, education, and training. A policy which reaffirms IPV victim-survivors would provide clients a safe listening ear without judgment. Lastly, social workers must advocate for equitable treatment among all people within legal and court systems.