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Master's Thesis

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English, MA

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Griner, Paul

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Stansel, Ian

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Stansel, Ian

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Gibson, John

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fiction; poetry; human; self; nature; arrival


This collection of works explores the linkages between moments, the connective thread that accumulates over time to create for each of us a unique present. The title, “This to Which We’ve Come,” attempts to convey that each moment is a point of arrival colored by the smallest of temporal fibers, our most interior histories that stretch and bend and fold back onto themselves when the present forces us into action, or inaction. Through these characters and their stories, I attempt to examine that moment of arrival. A secondary thread explored in this collection is the idea that humans are still animals, still connected to the natural world, driven by inexplicable undercurrents of obligation, guilt, hunger, survival. But too much else exists within us, too much else that we create, so that even though the connection still exists, our ability to comprehend it is often lost.