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Master's Thesis

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Sociology, MA

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Gagne, Patricia

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Roelfs, David

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Roelfs, David

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Ouellette, Heather

Author's Keywords

reentry; jails; recidivism; program evaluation


Previous research has focused on prison reentry programs and the impact the program has on reducing rates of recidivism, but there is a lack of research on jail reentry programs and the impact of programs’ individual services have on recidivism. Secondary data was obtained from the Louisville Metro Jail Familiar Faces Action and Community Transition (F2ACT) reentry program, which included basic demographic data of the participants, a record of individual services received by each participant, and the number of times each participant was booked into Louisville Metro Corrections before and after participating in F2ACT. A multinomial logistic regression found that age, gender, and the provision of bus tickets had statistically significant relationships with rates of recidivism, while other variables, like receiving a supply of medication upon release, presented noticeable trends.