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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical Engineering, PhD

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McIntyre, Michael

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Robinson, Brian

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Robinson, Brian

Committee Member

Inanc, Tamer

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Jewell, Nicholas

Author's Keywords

nonlinear control; wind energy; lyapunov; renewable energy; synchronous generator; induction generator


With increasing concern for the environmental effects of power generation from fossil fuels, wind energy is a competitive source for electrical power with higher efficiency than other clean sources. However, the nature of this power source makes controlling wind turbines difficult. The variability of wind as a source either requires highly accurate measurement equipment or sophisticated mathematical alternatives. In addition to the unknown quantities of the weather itself, the efficiency of power capture at the turbine blades is highly nonlinear in nature and difficult to ascertain. The ability of either determine these troublesome quantities, or control the system despite ignorance of them, greatly increases the overall efficiency of power capture. To this end, a series of nonlinear controllers and observers have been developed for wind turbine systems.