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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.

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College of Education and Human Development

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College of Education and Human Development

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Simmons, Thomas

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Bauder, Debra

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Sar, Bibhuti

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Portes, Pedro

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Edge, Denzil

Author's Keywords

social sciences; education; cultural identification; disabilities; European-American; Families; Immigrant; Latino; parenting; stress


Special Education; Cultural anthropology; Hispanic American studies


The purpose of this correlational exploratory study was to delve into the experience of raising a child with disabilities by investigating the parents' level of stress and the role played by culture, acculturation, and various demographic variables suggested by the literature to influence stress were included. A purposive sample composed of 38 primarily undocumented immigrant Latino parents and 32 European American parents of children with disabilities was recruited from community agencies in a Midwest state. The most frequent disabilities were orthopedic impairments, pervasive developmental disorders, and mental retardation.

Data were collected with the Parent Survey, comprised of the Questionnaire on Resources and Stress-QRS, the Orthogonal Cultural Identification Scale-OCIS and a section on demographic information. A Spanish version of the Parent Survey was produced in order to collect data from monolingual Latinos. Preliminary validation of the QRS was conducted.