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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.



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Humanities, PhD

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Griner, Paul

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Clukey, Amy

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Fosl, Catherine

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Maxwell, Kristi

Author's Keywords

memoir; bipolar disorder; epilepsy; temporal lobe epilepsy; creative writing


This dissertation is a memoir that is about my nuclear family. The themes within the memoir itself include my father’s bipolar disorder, my temporal lobe epilepsy, and how volatile the combination was as I grew up, but also how loving my family was, despite all the issues. It also looks at the ramifications of having temporal lobe epilepsy, growing up queer (bi+) in a time when being queer at all was not accepted and being bi+ was not understood, and the issues I’ve had with my sisters, which were caused in part by my father The memoir is accompanied by a critical afterword that examines my positions within the memoir (primarily) through the lenses of disability studies, medical humanities, and creative writing/memoir studies.

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