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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Art (Creative) and Art History with a concentration in Art History, MA

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Reitz, Christopher

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Hufbauer, Benjamin

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Hufbauer, Benjamin

Committee Member

Gibson, John

Author's Keywords

Surrealism; film; animation; Hitchcock; Fleischer bros.; Warner bros.


Although surrealism was short lived, the impact on popular culture is ongoing. Analyzing this impact is quite interesting because it set a standard for American animation and film. In this thesis, Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis and the uncanny are investigated through the lens of the camera in American cinema and animation. This thesis looks at cartoons and films that were made after Breton’s surrealist manifestos were published. This thesis aims to show the viewer the lasting impact that Breton had on American popular culture. This thesis is divided into three chapters with an introduction and conclusion. Chapter one discusses Fleischer Bros. impact on American cartoons and the influence of André Breton’s surrealism on the Betty Boop cartoons. Chapter two discusses Warner Bros. impact on American popular culture as well as animations. The specific cartoon short discussed is Porky in Wackyland. Chapter three discusses Alfred Hitchcock’s impact on the Hollywood film industry and the fringes of popular culture in America. Hitchcock’s influences are discussed as well as his film Spellbound