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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Studio Art and Design, MFA

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Rhodes, Ché

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Reitz, Chris

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Reitz, Chris

Committee Member

Massey, Scott

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Gibson, John

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Heberle, Lauren C.

Author's Keywords

Artificial meat; glass; animal; ceramic; art; future technology


This research focuses on the subtle relationship between human life, the environment, and other animals that we live among every day. Under the mainstream social background of capitalism and a commodity economy, animals are the victims of constant consumption and exploitation. However, meat is a basic substance for human nourishment, especially in certain cultures. As a result, meat becomes an important part of the commodity economy in capitalist societies, wherein the supply must be filled to accommodate society’s demand. This research formed an exhibition using glass and ceramic artwork using a playfully satirical tone to offer a crucial alternative: how to help build a sustainable society that is more friendly to animals and the environment by enhancing awareness of human impact on both, thus, promoting the protection of those with whom we share the Earth.