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Master's Thesis

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M. Eng.


Chemical Engineering

Degree Program

JB Speed School of Engineering

Committee Chair

Gupta, Gautam

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Ghorbanian, Mahyar

Committee Member

Ghorbanian, Mahyar

Committee Member

Ghasemi-Fare, Omid

Author's Keywords

Wastewater; fly ash; zeolite; heavy metal; recycle


Coal Combustion Products are the materials that remain after pulverized coal is burned to generate electricity. The fine portion, fly ash, has many re-use capabilities across various industries. Most recent data shows that approximately 60% of fly ash produced in the United States was used with the largest re-use being concrete additives. This work aims to enhance fly ash via hydrothermal treatment in order to expand the re-use capabilities of the material. These materials were tested as adsorbents for heavy metal removal from wastewater samples. The metals tested for removal were Copper (II) Acetate, Cadmium Chloride, Boric Acid, Sodium Selenite, and Mercury (II) Chloride.