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Master's Thesis

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English, MA

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Stansel, Ian

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Griner, Paul

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Hall, Ann C.

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fantasy; novel; fiction; sword and sorcery; post-1900 prose; Tolkienesque


WINTER’S THREADS is a fiction novel set in a world of fantasy and wonder, largely inspired by the works of such auspicious and acclaimed writers as JRR Tolkien and Andrezj Sapkowski. The fantastical setting allows the reader to view a mystic world that deals with the humanity and beauty found in all things, utilizing pastoral imagery and humanistic language. The goals of this novel are to create an enticing world with magic and lore, as well as a compelling and relevant narrative that tackles themes of injustice, family, and duty. Challenging the racial essentialism that can often be present in the genre of fantasy writing by writing from the perspective of non-human and marginalized characters in an attempt to showcase that progressive themes can and should emerge in genre and speculative fiction.

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