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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Theatre Arts, MFA

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Burton, Nefertiti

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Carter, Rachel

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Tolson, Jerry

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dramaturgy; love; relationships; sisters; research


This thesis follows my work with the production The Old Settler by John Henry Redwood. This document explores my process as an actor, and how I decided to capitalize on an opportunity to study Dramaturgy and apply what I learned to my actors' process. In the pages of this thesis I present the pieces of my process, including my vocal and movement work based in Laban and Alexander Technique. I give personal examples of how my dive into dramaturgical work positively affected how I crafted the role of Elizabeth (Bess) Borney. I also detail the transition out of my work for Elizabeth and into my dramaturgical work crafting the role Aunt Ester in Gem of the Ocean.

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