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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Special Education, Early Childhood & Prevention Science

Degree Program

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Committee Chair

Royer, David

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Courtade, Ginevra

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Immekus, Jason

Committee Member

Landrum, Tim

Committee Member

Allday, Allan

Author's Keywords

SRSS-IE; screeners; behavior; reading; multi-tiered system of supports; MTSS; measure of academic progress (MAP)


Academic and behavioral screeners offer a valuable tool to assist schools in supporting students with effective, evidence-based interventions as a part of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). Data from systematic screenings three times a year allow school personnel to respond at the first sign of concern, quickly meet student needs, and determine if some student groups are at greater risk for below grade level academic achievement or behavioral problems than others. This study used archival data to investigate the relation between risk level on the Student Risk Screening Scale— Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) and the reading Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and to consider moderating effects of sex and beginning of year fall achievement scores. Data included 500 students in a public middle school in suburban Kentucky. Hierarchical multiple linear regression was used for hypothesis testing and results showed fall reading scores account for 72-73% of the variance in spring reading scores, but behavioral risk and sex accounted for 0.0% of variance in spring reading scores. Possible applications in schools, limitations, and future directions are discussed.