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Master's Thesis

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Spierling, Karen E., 1970-


Reformation--England; Henry VIII, King of England, 1491-1547; Monasticism and religious orders--England--History


This thesis is a critical examination of the dissolution of the monasteries under the reign of Henry VIII, and the key role the dissolution played in his plan for the Reformation in England. In addition, the present study found that by closely studying certain documents, we gain an understanding of Henry VIII's strategy and attitude that was also important to his plan for initiating reform in the 1530's. Though there is a complete analysis of several of the most relevant scholars, the present study builds upon the theories and assertions of these experts with unique suggestions in reference to frequently cited documents, as well as discussion of primary source material that has not been cited by leading scholars. These documents lead to an advanced understanding of Henry VIII's motives and attitude, and the concerns he had as the monarch that began the Reformation in England.