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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Langsam, Walter E.

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Communication and the arts


Whitestone, Henry, 1819-1893; Architects--United States


Henry Whitestone (1819-1893) practiced architecture in the nineteenth century when the prevailing mode in architectural styles was a series of historical revivals. His work, with few exceptions, was entirely within the style of the Italian Renaissance Revival. The present study is an investigation of the historical styles he used and their probable sources, his place in the architectural milieu of the era and of Louisville, and a description of his life, his practice and his clients. In accomplishing these goals much new source material, heretofore unknown, has been used. Whitestone was extremely careful and exacting; he expected and received excellent craftsmanship. He was very conservative in his architectural practice, attempting few new styles. In fact, by the end of his career his work was already considered passe.