Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

M. Eng.


Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Committee Chair

Elmaghraby, Adel S.


Computer security; Computer networks


Many businesses have poor IT infrastructure and are in need of a major overhaul. University of Louisville Properties (ULP), in particular, needed the ability to share files between staff, backup data, secure data, and eliminate viruses and malware. Along those lines, ULP was looking for a secure, stable, reliable, and most importantly, a costeffective Microsoft solution to their IT woes. For consistency and reliability, a Symantec Ghost image was created of such a system. This system was created using Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2003, Symantec Client Security, and Microsoft Sysprep. The image was deployed to all ULP computers, creating the exact environment for which they were looking. Each user began logging in with a user name and password, which alone increased security significantly. A file server was implemented so that data could be centralized and shared among staff members. In addition, a backup system was implemented that automated the backup process to cover all PCs including the central file server. Also, Microsoft Sysprep enabled one image to be distributed to multiple hardware platforms, which reduced image creation time drastically. Symantec Client Security added the antivirus and firewall components needed to control network traffic, viruses, and malware. These changes eliminated the problems that ULP faced and allowed the staff more functionality in their IT environment. With data redundancy, file security, and system reliability, the staff now enjoys a care-free computing experience for very little cost.