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Senior Honors Thesis

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Political Science

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College of Arts and Sciences

Author's Keywords

Gentrification; LGBTQ+; Louisville; Class


This study attempts to examine and the analyze the process of gentrification amongst identified LGBTQ+ spaces in Louisville, Kentucky from 1980 to present day using both production-side and consumption-side methods derived from property values and census data, respectively. Using these data, I trace the development of these spaces and determine what relationship to gentrification they may have. I then compare production-side data with consumption-side data to determine disparities amongst class in potential LGBTQ+ bar patrons in Louisville, Kentucky.

Lay Summary

This study looks to examine gentrification’s—the process of changing a place’s socioeconomic value to that of a higher level—relationship with identified LGBTQ+ spaces in Louisville from 1980 to present day. I use a particular methodology in urban studies that analyzes data pertaining to property values and demographics to assess gentrification. Once I establish which locations have a relationship with gentrification and what that relationship is, I use the data sets in comparison with each other to comment on potential class differences amongst the Louisville LGBTQ+ community and their ability to claim, maintain, and/or participate in LGBTQ+ space.