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Senior Honors Thesis

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Criminal Justice

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Demographic effects on dating violence


Dating violence among college students, whether physical, sexual, or psychological is a serious problem with limited legal resources available for victims. Studies have shown that one in four undergraduate students is in an abusive dating relationship. In Kentucky, individuals in a dating relationship are not eligible to receive civil protective orders, leaving them without legal protection from abusive partners. A fifty‐question survey was administered to 200 students enrolled in Justice Administration courses at the University of Louisville to determine what demographic factors might be related to attitudes toward abuse in dating relationships and whether or not dating partners should have legal protection from such abuse. The findings suggested that the gender of the perpetrator as well as gender of the respondent were related to perceptions of reported attitudes toward dating abuse but none of the demographic factors measured predicted attitudes toward legal protections defined as the use of Emergency Protective Orders (EPO’s) in cases of abuse.