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Senior Honors Thesis

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Viadrina University of Europe



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Williams, Bronwyn

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Riedel, Thomas

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Olinger, Andrea

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Horner, Bruce

Author's Keywords

literacy; writing center; multilingual; tutoring; rhetoric; international


Literacy education in writing carried out through writing centers (WCs) is a practice that occurs beyond one individual language; rather, almost every developed country provides some extent of education regarding written communication in an alternate language, whether facilitated through a WC or a classroom. Many of these countries’ methods for writing education have been documented in either self-reported evaluation or surveys; however, this documentation of methods is only the beginning of a larger conversation about how these international writing methods have evolved into discussions on topics related to these methods. Writing education that occurs in multiples languages within the same institution is one such example that is vitally important for further study. It opens up the topic of research on how the approach to writing education might change from one language to another, and if so, the degree to which tutors and institutions should cater to that change for the purpose of fostering more effective tutoring and/or teaching.

Lay Summary

Does the approach to the writing process or the approach to tutoring writing change from one language to another? Is the approach to writing or language in general different in one language than in another?