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Senior Honors Thesis

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Cooperating University

University of Lousiville


Fine Arts

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College of Arts and Sciences

Author's Keywords

monstrosity; the other; human; visual culture; visual identification; sculpture


The goal of creating my sculptural work, The Avian, is both to broaden the visual categorization of sentient bodies, as well as to deconstruct binary thinking regarding the way that bodies display racialized, gendered, and sexualized characteristics. The Avian does this by subverting visual and aesthetic tropes that construct labels like human, monster, and animal. Subversion acts as the main design influence that illustrates how the display how othered bodies can be used to highlight the constructed nature of how we construct humanity. This paper posits that by acknowledging an expansion in visual categorization, in addition to further pushing opportunities for subversion in our identification of the sentient other, then we can both begin deconstructing the vestiges of colonial thought that influences our culture and begin to formulate the new.

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