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The overarching purpose of this thesis is to explain why the creation of a program that facilitates and maintains good mental health is ethically imperative. This paper will focus on the ethical primacy of mental health within a population as opposed to physical health. A key factor that this paper will take into account is the way that stress affects physical health and how stress is disproportionately spread through the population. It recognizes that an individual’s mental health status can be influenced by their particular life circumstances and/or socioeconomic status, which can be seen as constitutive luck. Those disadvantaged segments of the population negatively affected by stress are not only inhibited intellectually, but also physically. This lack of proper health causes a lack of opportunities, which constitutes a social injustice. Moving from the establishment of this disparity, this thesis proposes solutions that would, in turn, seek to rectify these social injustices in ways that are equitable and fair to those who are the least well off in society.